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Slet en chat på Facebook | Hjælp til Facebook

1. From Chats , open a conversation. ; 2. Tap and hold the message or photo you’d like to delete. ; 3. Tap Remove, and then tap Remove for You. ; 4. Tap Remove.

Hvis du vil slette en eller flere beskeder i en samtale på Facebook, skal du først åbne samtalen.

How do I delete messages, conversations or photos I’ve …

Hvordan sletter jeg beskeder, samtaler eller billeder, jeg har modtaget i Messenger? | Hjælp til Messenger

14. sep. 2022 — Simply click on the “Delete all Messages” button once you have logined to Facebook and our software will do the rest. All messages will be …

Du kan slette individuelle beskeder eller en hel samtale direkte fra Messenger-appen.

Delete All Messages for Facebook™

Slet alle meddelelser til Facebook ™ – Chrome Webshop

20. sep. 2022 — 1. Open the Messenger app on your phone. · 2. Scroll to find the chat you want to delete. · 3. Swipe the chat to the left, and then tap on More.

Slet alle Facebook ™ -meddelelser på én gang. Vælg og slet også flere beskeder på én gang.

How to Delete All Your Facebook Messages in 2 Easy Ways

29. mar. 2021 — If you want to delete a single message, go into the conversation, hold down the message you want to delete, and tap Remove ; at the bottom. Then …

If you want to get rid of your Facebook chats, you can easily delete them on both desktop and mobile in a few easy steps.

How to Delete Messages in Facebook Messenger

5. feb. 2019 — Simply tap on the message you want to remove and select the option to “Remove for Everyone”. The removed message will be replaced by text …

How To Delete Messages On Facebook Messenger – YouTube

Log into your Facebook account. · Click See all in Messenger. · Click on the options wheel next to a conversation. · Click Delete if you want to erase all the …

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How To Delete All Messages and Conversations in Facebook Messenger

31. des. 2022 — If you want to delete all messages from your Facebook account this app is for you. This app is designed to delete multiple conversations …

Deleting Facebook messages doesn’t have to be incredibly difficult. Whether you’re deleting one thread or an entire history, there are options for you to do both with minimal effort. Some users may find it easier to delete their

How To Delete All Messages and Conversations in Facebook …

Delete Messages on Messenger a – Apps on Google Play

To delete a conversation in Facebook Messenger using the app, hold down your finger on the conversation and then tap “Delete.” Confirm you want to delete the …

Clean conversations from Facebook account by one click

Delete Messages on Messenger a – Apps on Google Play

Does Deleting a Facebook Message Remove It From the Recipient’s Messages Too? | Small Business –

You can delete Facebook messages on Messesnger, but you can’t delete the messages from the other party’s account, so that person can still see the messages. You can do the same with an entire Facebook conversation on the Facebook website or the linked Messenger app on your smartphone.

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